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Designed & built in Cambridge, MA 🏠


Callum Griffith

Callum Griffith

Founder / Creative Director

Ben Kendall

Ben Kendall

Digital Marketing Specialist / Copywriter

Our roots

California–inspired creativity with Boston practicality

CG Digital was founded in Los Angeles, CA where our team began taking its current form. We take a lot of inspiration from our California roots in our design sense especially with regard to the minimalism and innovative ideas that we believe are the future of design.

Since then, we have moved to Cambridge, MA in the Greater Boston Area and have adopted a lot of the practicality and grounded realism that we feel is a staple of New England.

It is the combination of the two which we feel is a healthy balance of imagination and realistic expectations that helps us to keep projects on-time, on-budget, and very effective.

Collaborative Partners

Ken Hamilton


Michael Henetz


Macoy Marion


Isaac Reynaldo


Strategic Partners


KEH2 offers custom technology, bookkeeping, and financial consulting services for small businesses. We partner with them frequently to accomplish large projects and keep everything moving forward smoothly. Check out their website to see their offerings!

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