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Cambridge STEAM Initiative



January, 2018


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Cambridge STEAM Initiative

The Cambridge STEAM Initiative

The City of Cambridge’s STEAM Initiative was created to enhance and expand students’ access to quality STEAM learning experiences from birth to adulthood. With a foundation in Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, Cambridge plans to ensure its future workforce is prepared for careers in modern industries. Students will graduate from high school with high levels of STEM literacy and 21st Century skills, empowered to make decisions about what they want to do, and able to be an engaged and responsible citizen in an increasingly technologically-driven society.

Cambridge STEAM Initiative Main Logo Banner

Designing for Diverse Backgrounds

To represent the population of Cambridge and create an inclusive atmosphere in which students from various backgrounds would feel welcome, a challenge presented itself in designing an abstract logo that retained properties indicative of a holistic education and appeal to a younger audience. Additionally, the icon needed approval from a group of City employees and pass the judgement of parents looking to provide their children with the best education possible.

Cambridge STEAM Logo Anatomy

Recognition Beyond the Icon

To show the equal importance of every element within STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, an identity system was created to represent the various topics. With different colors and a variety of shapes connecting the system to its parental logo, the pattern was built to be recognizable on its own.

Cambridge STEAM Color Palette
Cambridge STEAM Identity System Pattern

Science Illustrated Web Icons & Symbols

Cambridge STEAM Stationary Blue
Cambridge STEAM Stationary Green
Cambridge STEAM Poster 2

Cambridge STEAM Initiative

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