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Magazine Beach Partners



October, 2018


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Magazine Beach Partners
Magazine Beach Partners 2018 Annual Report Cover

Magazine Beach Park

Magazine Beach, a 17-acre state park along the CharlesRiver, is an invaluable green urban commons for Cambridge and beyond. People come from near and far to picnic under its old shade trees and swim in its free, Olympic-sized pool.

Securing Funding

After an eventful year culminating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a major renovation, Magazine Beach Partners is looking to take the next step in securing funding for additional improvements. Included in their plans is an ambitious initiative to revitalize the park with significant changes planned along the Charles work. To help secure funding for their next steps, MBP partnered with Callum Griffith Design to design their first annual report which will significantly improve their ability to raise money.

The Annual Report

As a staple of their fundraising, the Annual Report includes significant information about park benefits and its value to the countless people who visit it annually as well illustrating previous success raising capital and their plans for the future. A challenge presented itself in identifying and highlighting information with potential to motivate donations as well as helping cement the new identity of the partnership which had previously been separate organizations. The annual report was also presented to the Department of Conservation and Recreation to receive state-provided funding as well as to the City of Cambridge who has worked with Magazine Beach Partners on these projects.

Annual Report Financial Infographics

Magazine Beach Partners

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